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We understand – the world of security cameras, internet, and cable network installation can be quite complex. Our team is committed to you – we’re here to answer any questions you may have, and to guide you through the oftentimes bewildering process of security cameras and technology. Whether you’re interested in agriculture security cameras, internet and cable network installation for your small business, or simply want an exterior home security camera, our team is here to both educate you and help you select the best option.


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I’m interested in your services, but I don’t want to pay monthly fees. What do your fees look like?

There are no monthly fees on any of our products! Once you pay the one-time payment, expect no more charges from Finish Line Technology.

How long do security cameras record?

This depends on many factors – the make and model of your camera, your hard drive, and other factors. A rough estimate is two weeks, but certain hard drives can last longer. Ask our team about our long-lasting hard drives.

I’m considering cable network installation and security cameras for my retail shop. What are the costs?

Again, this also depends on what camera you select, and which plan you select for cable network installation. No matter which service you choose, expect no contracts and no additional fees.

What is your warranty?

One year on all security camera equipment.

What brand of security cameras do you provide? What about extended internet access and network cable?

We proudly work with Amcrest to provide dependable security cameras for your home, business, or farm. For internet and cable services, we provide TP-Link.

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